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Kevin Sleigh & Jon Bennett

Kevin and Jon Have over 50 years of bike maintenance and wheel-building experience between them.

They started their journey building, repairing, and tuning BMX wheels in the 80s before honing their wheel-building skills by specialising in mountain bike wheels through the 90s then perfecting those skills with the high-end carbon road racing and gravel wheels of today.


“We take great pride in everything we do, making sure the customer gets the best wheels custom built just for them, whatever you need, we are here to support and help you create the perfect wheelset for your riding style and discipline”



Bike-Tek cater to all cyclists, and being based in the heart of rural Shropshire, they serve customers from all over Telford, Wrekin, and Shropshire itself.

Bike-Tek is a traditional independent bicycle shop specialising in custom bike builds, wheel building, and repairs of all types of bicycles. Their team are cycling enthusiasts with years of experience both riding and building bikes for all disciplines. They believe their customers are looking for more than just the cheapest price and want high-quality with the personal touch they offer. They started from humble beginnings and continually strive to offer cyclists a superior service, with a great product range and the skilled advice they have become known for. Their store and workshop facilities in Newport embody all that they have learned from their cycling journey and they aim to be the region's No1 local bike shop.


"Our staff and workshop technicians are some of the best in the business and are happy to share their expertise when assisting you with hand-built wheels, a new bike, and a service or repair"

3 The Square

TF10 7AG




Locate: Bike-Tek

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