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Bomber Bikeworks


Greg Lancaster

Greg has always taken great pride in building high-quality wheels, "the feedback I get from customers makes the hard work worth it". He spent some time building wheels for Zipp when they were based in the UK, "the precision and techniques used at Zipp pushed my productivity and attention to detail to the next level".

Greg built his first wheel at the age of 16 when he first started racing, He went on to race MTB and CX at a local level and competed in the National Championships on occasions. Greg studied Mechanical Engineering at Exeter University before working for a few years in the engineering sector, "it wasn’t the right place for me, so I decided to focus my efforts on my cycling passion" 14 years later as a self-employed mechanic - cycle shop owner, he`s showing no signs of slowing down!


Bomber Bikeworks

Bomber Bikeworks specialises in the maintenance, servicing and custom building of mid to high-end road, cyclocross and gravel bikes, covering all the Bristol area but have customers travelling from much further afield.

Bomber Bikeworks has always been a one-man-band, centered on a precision engineer's dedication to bikes, being fastidious with a particular eye for detail both when wheel-building and repairing bikes. Greg does not advertise, mainly to avoid the masses coming through the doors, and rely`s solely on word of mouth to gain custom.


"People don’t recommend you if you do a bad job! My network of contacts on the road race circuit, focused my clientele to come from a similar background, so the business naturally went down this path"

Servicing Smart Trainers is becoming an increasingly larger part of the business and Greg has gained a reputation for bringing them back from the dead. This service took off during lock down as the Zwift mania swept the nation, "I think my engineering background came into its own here, as I frequently have to machine new parts for the trainers".

Unit 34 Station Road Workshops

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