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Cycle Sphere


Phil Hope

Phil has been working professionally with bicycles for over 22 years, perfecting and honing his skills to become the craftsman he is today.

In his first job at the local bike shop he received training under the prestigious Barnett's Bicycle Institute, he then went on to study mechanical engineering at college, and over the years he’s constantly learned and collected attainments including Cytech qualifications.


Wheel building has always been Phil's absolute passion and he always strives to achieve excellence in the craftsmanship of his work. Over the years he has built hundreds of wheels - from freestyle BMX to competition road racing, and even an ex-Paralympian’s tandem wheels are part of Phil's vast wheel-building experience.

 "Manual wheel building is one of the last remaining skilled crafts in bicycle manufacturing" said Gerd Schraner, and Phil Admits to loving the engineering and hand-building of bicycles perhaps more than riding them but keep that to yourself!


Cycle Sphere

It takes years of practice and experience to become a master wheel builder. Choosing the correct components and build style - for the rider’s individual needs is very important. With so many direct-to-consumer / off-the-shelf products on the market today - riders are missing out on vital service and quality found with good hand-built wheels.

Your Wheels - arguably the most important performance upgrade you can make to your bike. Hand-built wheels with high-level aftercare service can give you an advantage and enhance your cycling experience.

Cycle Sphere started rolling on two wheels in 2016 with one clear goal - to feed Hampshire's appetite for everything cycling, from brand new wheels to services and hire bikes. Its locally sourced, highly qualified team offers friendly professional service. 

Cycle Sphere has everything you can expect from a home-grown bicycle shop and more. Whether you are fresh to cycling or a seasoned racer they are there to help and are stocked with some great bike brands and cycling kit covering all ride categories and disciplines.


Other than what you can normally expect from your local bike shop - Cycle Sphere also offers ride-leading and coaching - workshop maintenance with repair classes, and much more

Located in the heart of the Bordon major green town regeneration project - it’s a vibrant new building called ‘The Shed’ where you can grab some tasty food and beverages from any of the independent cafés - great for a mid-ride refuel!

6 The Shed,
GU35 0DJ




Locate: Cycle Sphere

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