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Martin Maltby

Martin has been working professionally within the bicycle industry for over 35 years and has experienced just about every change the industry has gone through. 

A former Great Britain former international road racer. Martin spent many years in the heartland of cycling Belgium, taking on the well-known roads, cobbles, cafes, and bars with the same drive and passion that steered him to open his successful bike shop. 


Wheel building has always been a part of Martins's cycling journey and he started as a teenager teaching himself to build the first wheels he raced on, going on to become the accomplished wheel builder and mechanic he is today.  


 Martin is passionate about building the best wheels and bikes for his customers and will spend hours making sure every build is as good as it can be. No matter if it's road, mountain, or any type of wheel, it's built with precision and pride, and if it’s not perfect, simple, it doesn't go out! 


Don Valley Cycles

The redesigned premise features an open-plan workshop, a noteworthy aspect frequently praised by customers. This setup allows a clear view of the mechanics, tools, and skills, enabling customers to engage in questions and conversations while their repairs and builds take place. The shop also offers a bespoke wheel-building service.

The revamped shop layout includes dedicated customer parking, wheelchair-accessible facilities, and on-site, accessible toilets, and to add to the welcoming atmosphere, they also provide complimentary hot beverages to all visitors.

The team members at Don Valley Cycles are fervent. Cycling advocates, a quality that resonates with customers and helps promote a cycling-centric lifestyle. The store has earned customer loyalty from multiple generations, even in an age dominated by online discounts. The unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service is underscored by the shop's offer of a complimentary first service for bikes and newly built wheels.


Don Valley Cycles' narrative is one of passion, dedication, and community service, with a shared goal of nurturing a love for cycling. The shop remains a steadfast presence for all cycling enthusiasts. 

Servicing Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

203 Carr House Road  


South Yorkshire 

DN4 5DR 




Locate: Don Valley Cycles

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