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Steve Grimwood

Steve started in the trade over 30 years ago, aged just 14 taking up a work experience position at the local Bike Shop, and from that point onwards Steve knew that bicycles were in his blood, and has built, sold, and repaired thousands of bikes since. Steve has worked with Olympic Athletes, organised Major International Cycling Events, and built wheels for just about every type of Cyclist. Many of Steve's wheels are still going strong decades later, and his reputation for knowledge and experience stretches far and wide. Many people will be familiar with Steve and Elmy Cycles from building some of the leading MTB Wheels of the 90s, as one of the best-known cyclo cross experts in the UK, and from his incredible Vintage and Retro bike collection, which has featured many times in the press and on channels such as GCN. Whilst his love of building the finest vintage wheels is well known, he also has a passion for building light-weight high-performance wheels using the very latest cutting-edge designs, and is excited to be involved with Aeroc. Steve says his passion for Cycling is as strong today as it was when he started and he would be honoured to build you the best wheels you have ever owned. 


Elmy Cycles

Elmy Cycles is one of the UK's oldest and most respected independent cycle shops and established way back in 1922 in Ipswich, the County Town of Suffolk. When a Business has been going for 100 Years, it has to be doing something right, and although many things have changed since the day they started, the one thing that hasn't is their commitment to their customers and their dedication for expertise. They focus on ensuring they have all the latest training for their staff, the best equipment and tools for the job, and the very best products in store. 


Elmy Cycles Ipswich is a leading, independently owned, expert cycle shop run by Steven Grimwood, together with Joanne Newstead and their amazing team. They can help you with anything you might need from a simple puncture repair to a full custom-built bike. Some shops are focused entirely on one type of cycling or one particular brand, so they can also feel a bit elitist or unapproachable, but the team at Elmy Cycles never want their customers to feel like that, so there's no such thing as a silly question with their team, and they go above and beyond to help their customers in any way. They don't hide behind a corporate logo, they are real people, you get to know individually, so don't be afraid to ask for them by name. Most of their customers have been visiting for years, and their hospitality is second to none, so don't be surprised if you get asked if you would like a tea or coffee. At Elmy Cycles they are truly independent, they can choose from many different suppliers and many different brands, and are also happy to order more unusual products if they don't have them in store. Their expertise extends to all types of cycling from road bikes to mountain bikes, family bikes, or adventure bikes - they have it all covered. There is almost nothing they can't handle, but on the rare occasion they can't, they can call upon a wide-network of bike specialists with anything from frame repairs to full-resprays and suspension work. If they don't do it, they will know someone who does. 

86-88 St Helens Street, Ipswich,


IP4 2LB 




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