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Paul Hewitt

Paul Hewitt has over 30 years of wheel-building experience and has built thousands of bicycle wheels and even a few motorcycle wheels. Paul thrives in doing the best job possible, whether that be bicycle repairs or wheel-building, and it was this approach that quickly gained him a reputation as one of the UK's finest wheel-builders, winning many best-in-test awards.

Shortly after starting his own shop, the top three professional teams used him as their appointed wheel builder. Other top cyclists then secured his services, resulting in numerous national champions, world champions, record holders, Olympic champions, and Tour De France winners becoming valued clients. Whilst he enjoys the accolades of his wheels being used by top cyclists, he is just as happy discussing and building wheels for all different disciplines and levels of rider.



From its opening in 1994, Paul Hewitt Cycles quickly gained a reputation for the quality of its products, bike-fitting & workshop services. Initially working out of a small shop, then moving to their much larger current premises in 2006. They have won many awards, including ‘Best on Test’ and have been involved in numerous projects, supplying bikes for TV programs, wheel-building for numerous cyclists, in all different aspects of cycling be that commuting, touring, or world and Olympic champions. They are dealers for many quality frame and bike brands, including their award-winning custom-built bikes. Hewitt Cycles is a proven supplier of all styles of bikes and is happy to discuss top-end carbon road bikes to full-custom-built touring bicycles designed for round-the-world touring. They are well known for professional bike-fitting, wheel-building, frame-building, and comprehensive workshop services.

Paul Hewitt Cycles caters to all of the various cycle disciplines, initially with a focus on road racing, Audax, and the touring market, but more recently, as the cycling market has changed, adopted a more broad-based approach and now also cater to the ATB and E-Bike sales with servicing. They service customers from all areas of the UK and supply to many different international markets.

17-19 Preston Road, Leyland,
PR25 4NT




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