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Velo Atelier


Lee Prescott

Lee Prescott is the lead wheel-builder at Velo Atelier and has been building wheels for over 35 years.

As an accomplished product designer, bike fitter, frame builder, and mechanic, Lee will often cite that building wheels is what he enjoys the most.

His wheels have graced the bikes of National, European, and World Champions as well as successful ultra-endurance riders.


Lee has passed on his passion for wheel-building to the other members of the Velo Atelier Service team, who are all becoming accomplished builders in their own right.


Velo Atelier

Welcome to Velo Atelier, creators of the world's leading Clinical Bike Fit™. Their bike fitting expertise is backed by over 30 years of experience designing and building bikes at the very highest level.​ At the Velo Atelier Bicycle Studio and Service Centre in Warwick, they've created a comfortable and friendly environment where you can enjoy their full range of bike building and fitting services.

"We offer bike fitting, professional level servicing, and bespoke bicycle builds from the best custom and production frame builders in the world today"

Their 'by appointment only' services ensures you can develop your cycling skills in peace and privacy, rather than in the hustle and bustle of a busy bike store. In Velo Atelier's world-class service center, they cater to those who want their bikes looked after by meticulous and skilled mechanics. They offer a service log book, providing a full-service history for each bike they care for.

"We are based in Warwickshire and are proud to have customers nationwide travelling to us to experience the high level of professional service we provide"


Their highly-skilled services are provided to all levels of cyclists, from World Tour riders to people just starting out on their first bike.

Units 8 & 9,
Hatton Tech Park, Warwickshire,
CV35 8XB




Locate: Velo Atelier

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