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Our Industry-Leading 5-Year 

Manufacturers Limited Warranty  

Free A+Care Cover  

Accidental Damage Program 

AEROC wheels are hand-built with precision and pride to be super-light but super-tough, being engineered for superior performance with long lasting durability. This is why we are pleased to supply our industry-leading 5-Year Warranty, plus when your wheels are serviced regularly, we'll provide our world-leading A+Care Cover for Free, and just to make sure we've covered all the bases, our Accidental Damage Program really has got your back! 

Aeroc Cover Plans - Keeping you spinning 'hassle free' as good as the day your wheels were hand-built.

Manufacturers Limited Warranty

Your Aeroc performance bike wheels are covered with our 5-year limited warranty, meaning we will repair or replace any material or manufacturing defect, free of charge for 5-years from the date of collection or delivery of your wheels.        

Terms Apply*

 *Requires registration within 6-months of purchase




Free A+Care Cover + First 6-Month Service Free On Us!

When your wheels are serviced every six months at one of our Aeroc Certified Master wheel builders or an independent bike shop, repair shop or wheel building business (pre-approval required), we'll include our leading A+Care cover program for Free Plus, you'll get your first 6-month interim service Free on us! Don't worry - we send service reminders, and if your local shop is not approved, just give us their details, and we'll do the rest!

Our free A+Care cover means we will replace worn bearings, damaged or broken spokes with a wheel re-build, tension and true to our industry-leading tolerances at any time, for 5-years - Free of Charge!

Helping to keep your wheels in high-performing perfect condition.

Terms Apply*

FREE of Charge
Worn Bearings replaced
Damaged/Broken spokes replaced

Wheel Re-built (spoke replacement)  

Please Note: If a spoke breaks, we carry out a free re-build. This is because when a high-performance wheel loses a spoke tension, the wheel system needs to be reset. This can only be successfully done with a re-build. tension and true.


Accidental Damage Program


Crashes and accidents just happen, and wheels can be damaged - possibly unfit to ride. So we set out to create an accident cover program we could be super proud of, covering you for those unplanned incidents.

Here we go!


Our 5-year Accidental Damage Program – Discounted parts, covering your wheels, Inc hubs, rims, spokes, nipples, and even the tubeless tape – worry-free


Year 1 (01 - 12 months) replacement parts – 70% Off RRP

Year 2 (13 - 24 months) replacement parts – 60% Off RRP

Year 3 (25 - 36 months) replacement parts – 40% Off RRP

Year 4 (37 - 48 months) replacement parts – 30% Off RRP

Year 5 (49 - 60 months) replacement parts – 20% Off RRP


The cost of labour is paid directly to the Master wheel builder at their quoted rates. The customer is responsible for all carriage costs. 

Terms Apply*




5-Year A+Care Cover + Free 6-Month Service Program Terms & Conditions

All claims must be accompanied by a full service history. The servicing must be carried out by an Aeroc Certified Master wheel builder or approved independent bike shop, bike repair business or wheel building business. Servicing can be an independent wheel service or form part of a full bike service. Only genuine manufacturer parts will be used. We recommend having your wheels serviced at an Aeroc Certified Master wheel building business, but we understand this is not always possible, so we have created this warranty to help with this; if your chosen service center is not Aeroc approved, just supply their contact details and we'll do the rest.

The service history must include 6-monthly servicing stamps - as shown in the servicing record book supplied, and a digital record with Team Aeroc Services will be completed by the servicing shop. Over the 5-year warranty period, the servicing record must include 6-monthly interim and 12-monthly full services - more information can be found in your servicing booklet supplied with your wheel purchase. We will pay for your first interim 6-month service, this offer can only be used with a pre-approved servicing shop/business.

We are expanding our UK network of Aeroc Certified Master wheel builders and should have one near you soon!



Sorry, Legal Stuff.

*Terms applicable to our Manufacturers Limited Warranties, A+Care Cover & Accidental Damage Program


Our 5-year Manufacturers Limited Warranty, 5-year A+Care Cover and Accidental Damage Program start from the day of collection or delivery. Single wheels and wheelsets must be serviced at an Aeroc Certified Master wheel building business or approved independent bike shop, repair shop or wheel building business - this warranty does not cover shipping. Spoke and nipple replacement claims will require tyres to be removed and tubeless sealant removed and rim cleaned - a charge may be made for this service. Any new tubeless setup required will be paid by the customer direct to the servicing shop at their agreed rate. All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original service book and digital record, showing an up-to-date service history. Non-Certified/pre-approved businesses must before the service, contact Aeroc Team Services to be approved, instructions can be found in the service booklet supplied with the purchase. The original owner may transfer this warranty to a new owner on acceptance and confirmation of the transfer by Aeroc Team Services only. These warranties do not cover aesthetics, scratches marks etc. Not covered is Incorrect installation, incorrect adjustment or maintenance of components, (unless carried out by a Aeroc Certified Master Wheel Building Center) parts, or accessories carried out by any 3rd party/person not a approved/professional registered bike shop, repair shop or wheel building business. Damage or failure due to accident is only covered by our Accidental Damage Program. Not covered - misuse, abuse, intentional damage, or neglect, products modified or used for commercial purposes are not covered by our warranties. Warranties require product registration within the first 6-months, and proof of purchase. Aeroc and our Master wheel building partners or 3rd party approved bike/repair/wheel building businesses reserve the right to refuse warranty claims to any person who in Aeroc's or our service center partners sole discretion have abused the product, warranty policies or service programs. Not covered by this warranty: decals, brake tracks, UV fade, hub shells, freehubs and rim defects due to normal wear and tear. We do not cover any shipping costs unless authorised by Aeroc Team Services.


Our Policies are Extra to Your Statutory Rights and your Rights are not affected by our policies.

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