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3CJ Cycles


Clint Matthews

Clint Matthews started in the late 70's racing motorcycles and then bicycles. It soon became apparent that he was faster on bicycles and a lifelong passion was born.

Out of necessity in the 1980`s he built his first (not very good) race wheels. Over the next 20 years of designing, building, selling, and racing bikes, he built hundreds of wheels for road, mountain, tandem, touring and BMX bikes. Many wheels were used for competitions, including both national and world championships. Radial, snowflake and uneven spoke counts were mastered before the end of the 1980`s.

From 1996, a period out of the cycle trade, working for companies such as Mercedes, McLaren and Bentley, made him more conscientious of his work. Since 2016 a true Master wheel and bike builder (world champs gold medal bike builds already in the bag) he returned to the cycle industry full time and is constantly improving what 3CJ can offer its customers.


3CJ Cycles

3CJ was opened in 2016, a real bike shop that was happy to welcome all types of cyclists. Staffed with over one-hundred years of history in the cycle trade, covering every aspect from production race bike design to building rod brake bikes for the Post Office; the idea was to give all cyclists the best advice, help and engineering above and beyond what was already on offer to the general public.

The workshop can offer any level of cycle works and the shop can supply all the kit required. Over the coming months and years, they aim to keep adding and improving to what they already offer and will not stop until they can say 3CJ is Birmingham's premier bicycle shop.


3CJ caters for all genres and aspects of cycling, covering North Worcester (Bromsgrove, Redditch) and South Birmingham

89-91 Longbridge Lane,



B31 2UT




Locate: 3CJ Cycles

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