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About Us

At Aeroc Technologies we are engineers and experts in our fields, but more importantly, we are riders who care about performance, quality, and the value of the carbon wheel systems we develop. We are proud to have gone above and beyond in creating our unique wheel buying experience giving you the convenience of buying your wheels online but with the many advantages of having your wheels hand-built by your local  Aeroc Certified Master wheel builder.

Our ambition is to give you the best buying and riding experience you will ever know, and we do this by creating wheels engineered with the latest wheel technologies, hand-built using the world’s best components by some of the world's best wheel builders. Our hand-built wheels are far superior to mass-produced imported or factory-built wheels and this is because they are built by Aeroc Master wheel builders - taking longer build times and carefully applying their skills with higher levels of precision, passion and pride, meaning our wheels are built to tighter tolerances, are stiffer, stronger and will perform at a higher level for much longer than most of the wheels available today. This is why we are proud to provide a 5-year warranty plus when your wheels are serviced regularly, we will also provide our Free A+Care Cover, meaning we will replace damaged spokes and worn bearings with a tension and true Free of charge so that your wheels are always tuned to perfection, and at the top of their game spinning worry-free.

We want to provide you with the best performance wheel owning journey possible, and that is why our high-quality, high-performance hand-built wheels are delivered with outstanding service, and this together with our ‘No Hassle’ approach to customer care, means we are helping to build cycling dreams and fast becoming known as the best high-performance carbon bike wheel brand in the UK today.

Our Founding


It started back in 2020 after 'wearing out'  two sets of wheels within four years. I would continuously find loose spokes, issues with the hubs and my wheels going out of true. I eventually turned to my local Master wheel builder for advice. He examined the wheelset, then looked me up and down, frowned saying “what are you doing on these wheels, you are far too powerful for these” very kindly put I thought, but I knew exactly what he meant. An impassioned conversation began, with questions around my riding style, weight, and riding power, followed by an explanation of why my wheels had failed, the lack of quality and their unsuitability. I was then advised on what type of wheelset build was needed for my physique and what wheels would suit my riding style. I could hear passion but also frustration in his voice, he went on to explain how he now stocked a more limited choice because most performance wheel buyers were buying their wheels online. I wanted 50mm deep section carbon rims, with quality hubs, and I needed at least a 24 front spoke count and 28 rear. Great, DT Swiss 350 hubs fitted the bill but rims with these hole counts were proving more difficult to source, the only avenue open was a couple of brands offering a bespoke service, but the wheels would be in the many thousands of pounds. This proved to be a little too costly for me, and I admit, I left his shop disappointed with not getting the custom wheels I wanted, but I was energised by his effort and commitment, and I was hungry to learn more about this part of the cycle industry.

I had a deep passion for cycling and could feel an opportunity to be involved in the sport I loved, but I wasn't sure of what the opportunity was? so I decided to do some research and I visited more bike shops, and found many of the wheel builders were ex-pro/high level riders or mechanics, and had gained an unrivalled knowledge over decades of building high-performance wheels for all level of cyclists, from your social loving weekend warrior right through to professional racing teams. I went on to have many conversations with these wheel builders and learnt that as little as 10-years ago, if a rider wanted performance wheels, they turned to their local wheel builder to build a set of wheels to the specs they required. I also learnt many had now gone from building many sets of bike wheels per week to building only one or two every month. Most wheel builders were now repairing and maintaining stock or factory-made wheels and were sometimes in despair at the quality of the wheels and the issues they uncovered whilst working on them. Many of these wheels were built with low-quality components but selling for premium prices or were premium products selling for astronomical prices. It became apparent to me that due to the rapid rise of internet shopping, and with the greater selection of wheels offered online, these highly skilled Masters of wheel building were slowly losing out to the large wheel brands and importers, and this highly skilled UK wheel-building industry was in danger of being lost forever.


"We uncovered a highly skilled industry and the more wheel builders we spoke with, the more we got to understand their pride, passion, and enjoyment in making high-quality performance wheels!".


At last I was getting it, and the budding business idea was starting to take shape. I needed to create high-quality cutting-edge carbon wheels, at a great value price point with a good selection for different types of riders and riding disciplines, but also, and very importantly, to be the best, they needed to be hand-built. Yes, I could have taken the easy route and have the wheels built in far-off lands, but on speaking with the bike shops, I knew there were many advantages for the rider in knowing the builder of their wheels, and this may go on to create an even greater passion, precision and pride within the wheel builder when building our wheels to tolerances factory and imported wheels could never match. I saw a new opportunity, an opportunity to embrace the power of online shopping but also allow cyclists to have their wheels hand-built in the UK by their local Master wheel builder, and, in turn, support these highly skilled workers and the independent cycle businesses they work from. Yes, this meant we had to be different; our unique business model could disrupt the mass-producing bike wheel industry, but the alternative was worse, so I set out to build a team and this team is now helping the UK discover the many advantages of having their performance wheels hand-built locally, and by Aeroc Certified Master wheel builders.

"The rewards and returns of tighter tolerances and the higher-precision that hand-built carbon wheels have over factory-built wheels are considerable, and this message needs greater awareness".


Our team now had a vision, a vision coupled with an ambition to create world-beating carbon wheels. So we painstakingly sourced the worlds best wheel components from the worlds leading manufacturers using the very latest in wheel technologies, and to be the best, we hand-build using Master wheel builders. Our team design, develop and evaluate our carbon performance wheels to be superior, this is why we created an aerofoil wind cheating rim shape design, specified a higher-grade aerospace resin within the Japanese carbon we use, and have re-designed our clincher rim bead-lock system for easier tyre fitting, but we have not stopped there, and we are continuously looking to improve all day, every day!


"Our passion and ambition for wanting to develop world-leading carbon bike wheels led to years of research and study, giving us a deep understanding of how to create superior racing bike wheels, no matter what level or type of cyclist you are".


We are building a UK network of professional bike wheel builders, who have an unparalleled passion and pride when lacing, tensioning, and truing our performance wheels. We were so moved by this passion and pride, we decided to have the wheel builders name on the wheel and, of course, next to the Union Jack flag, why did we do this? - well because our Master wheel builders invest not only their time, but their hard-earned reputation in every Aeroc performance wheel they build, and we want to share this with the world.

We at Aeroc are very proud of every hand-built wheel we build and in the way we build them. We together are creating world-leading bike wheels and are supporting our UK Master wheel builders, helping them pass on the `Dark arts` of wheel building to a new generation. Our wheels are engineered by experts, then hand-built by UK Masters and tested and improved in the real world by cycling fanatics, a perfect fusion for a perfect wheel.  

By Mike Dixon - Team Aeroc

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