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The Evolution of our hand built Carbon Wheels

Carbon fiber wheels have revolutionized the cycling industry with their exceptional strength, lightness, and improved aerodynamic advantages. Over the years, our team of experts, the experts we partner with, and our ever-expanding UK network of Master wheel builders have continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, developing hand-built carbon wheels that are at the forefront of world-leading design, performance, and reliability.

Through extensive research and testing, we have refined our manufacturing techniques to ensure that every wheel we produce meets the highest standards of quality. Our carbon wheels are meticulously crafted using the finest Japanese carbon fiber fused with cutting-edge aerospace resins, resulting in wheels that are not only incredibly lightweight but also incredibly strong. This perfect balance of strength and weight allows you to unleash your full potential on the road, achieving faster speeds with improved handling.

Aeroc Decal Selection
Aeroc Carbon Bike Wheels

In addition to our new visually stunning looks, our carbon wheels are also designed for exceptional performance. Our wheels feature our ProMach aerofoil aerodynamic control system working in perfect harmony with Sapim aero elliptic CX-Ray and CX-Sprint spokes creating advanced wheels that cut through headwinds and dramatically reduce the effects of cross-winds, further enhancing your speed with improved handling and performance. With our hand-built carbon wheels, you can experience the evolution of cycling technology and take your riding to new heights.

Benefits of our high-performance Carbon Fiber Wheels

When you buy Aeroc you are Investing in high-performance carbon fiber wheels that offer a multitude of benefits for cyclists of all levels. One of the most significant advantages is the reduced weight of the wheels. Our wheels are incredibly lightweight, allowing you to accelerate faster and climb hills with ease. The lighter weight also improves the overall handling of your bike, giving you greater control and confidence on the road.

Another key benefit of our performance carbon wheels is their exceptional strength and durability. Unlike the now standard factory-built and imported wheels, our carbon wheels are hand-built to order by Master wheel builders and do not suffer from pre-delivery tension loss. When wheels are pre-made and transported/stored for months at a time they will lose tension creating an imbalance across the spokes leading to soft spots that will cause damage from impacts and the rider to suffer from poorer performance. Our wheels are expertly handbuilt and tensioned with passion and pride and left for twenty-four hours to naturally destress before being re-tensioned ready to ride. The tension is then checked again for free at eight weeks. This means you can ride with peace of mind, knowing that your wheels can withstand the rigors of intense riding and racing. Furthermore, the advanced carbon and resins used in our wheels provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. The material's natural vibration-damping properties absorb road vibrations, reducing fatigue and discomfort during long rides. This means you can enjoy a more enjoyable and efficient cycling experience, even on rough or uneven surfaces.

In addition to their strength and ProMach aerodynamic advantages, our world-leading A+Care Cover and 5-year Warranties, along with great customer care policies mean whether you're racing against the clock or simply looking to improve your personal best, our carbon wheels will give you the competitive edge you need. By investing in our high-performance carbon wheels, you can unlock your true potential as a cyclist and experience the ultimate in speed, performance, and comfort.

Choosing the Right Carbon Wheels for You and your riding style

When it comes to choosing the right carbon wheels for you and your bike, it's important to consider your riding style and individual needs. With a wide range of options available, finding your perfect Aeroc wheels can greatly enhance your cycling experience.

Hand-built bike wheels
Aeroc Carbon Cool Stealth Bike Wheels

First and foremost, you'll want to consider the type of riding you do. Are you primarily a road cyclist, tackling long miles on smooth pavement? Or do you prefer the adventure of Gravel riding? Different types of carbon wheels are optimized for specific riding conditions, so it's essential to choose a set that matches your riding style.

Next, you'll want to consider the depth of the wheels. Deeper rims offer improved aerodynamics and easier top speeds, making them ideal for time trials and road racing. However, they may not be as responsive when climbing, so choosing shallower rims for example our AVR ProMach AVIAN 3300 or VOLTA 3800 are lighter and a little more nimble than our deeper rims making them a great choice for taking on hills with all-around performance. Finding the right balance between weight and aerodynamic performance is key to selecting the perfect carbon wheels.

Finally, don't forget about compatibility. Ensure that the carbon wheels you choose are compatible with your bike's frame and braking system. This will ensure a seamless integration and optimal performance.

By carefully considering your riding style, wheel depth, weight, and compatibility, you can choose the right carbon wheels that will elevate your cycling experience to new heights. Of course, we offer a bespoke service and can help you create the perfect wheels for you and your riding style.

Choosing the right hubs for your Performance Wheels

When it comes to performance wheels, the hubs play a crucial role in the overall performance and functionality of your bike. The choice of hubs can impact the smoothness, durability, and efficiency of your ride. and cycling experience.

One of the key factors to consider when choosing hubs is the type of bearings used. High-quality sealed cartridge bearings are preferred for their durability and low maintenance and this is one of the reasons we chose to partner with DT Swiss. High-quality bearings provide smooth and consistent rolling performance, minimizing friction and maximizing efficiency.

240 Hub EXP
DT Swiss Ratchet System

Another important consideration is the engagement mechanism of the hubs. This refers to the engineering design of the mechanism that engages the rear wheel when you start pedaling. DT Swiss hubs incorporate their famous ratchet system offering hubs free of the traditional and troublesome pawl and spring system and they offer a high engagement rate with quicker power transfer, allowing for more immediate acceleration and responsiveness

Finally, don't forget to consider the compatibility of the hubs with your bike's frame and drivetrain. Ensure that the hubs you choose are compatible with your bike's axle standards and cassette type, we will advise on this and our Master wheel builders will supply the correct axles for your bike.

We have created an article on the new DT Swiss 350 hub - Read More

Enhancing Your Performance with Aeroc Wheels

For cyclists looking to take their performance to the next level, our Aeroc wheels are the ultimate choice. Designed with aerodynamics in mind but for optimal stiffness and responsiveness. The rims are carefully engineered to provide the perfect balance between lateral stiffness for precise handling and vertical compliance for a smoother ride. This ensures that every pedal stroke translates into forward momentum, allowing you to unleash your full power on the road.

By choosing our Aeroc wheels, you can enhance your performance, shave valuable seconds off your time, and experience the thrill of true speed. Unleash your full potential and conquer the road with our high-performance Aeroc wheels.

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A spoke’s just a spoke, they’re all the same right? Wrong, just like every component used in the construction of a superior-performance wheel, the spoke performs a very important function within the wheel system, and if the spokes are not high-quality and high performing, this will reduce the operational performance and durability, meaning the wheel will under-perform and will not last as well as it could or should do.

We set out with a vision to develop world-leading wheels that would outperform and outlast the now standard factory-built imported wheels, and we got to understand the spokes were very important if we were to achieve our vision. Our initial research had led to two brands that were being used by most of the professional teams, but we needed to understand what spokes would have both the performance, and just as importantly, the durability to allow us to supply our 5-year warranty and offer our unique A+Care cover.

This took us back to our initial product research, where we quickly understood that the best wheels needed to be hand-built for higher precision and tighter tolerances. It then dawned on us that we probably had the best product research and testing facility anywhere in the world, our new network of Master wheel builders. They had hundreds of combined years of experience and knowledge in building and maintaining wheels and we could use this to help us determine what would be the best spokes for a higher-performance build with longer-lasting durability. Their responses were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about one spoke manufacturer, and one spoke in particular, and that was Sapim and the CX-Ray 'the worlds best spoke'

'We probably had the best product research and testing facility anywhere in the world, our new network of Master wheel builders'

We went on to learn that the CX-Ray had the best fatigue record of any spoke, making it the most durable spoke available, but importantly, could it be the best performing spoke as well? We knew the CX-Ray was the first choice spoke for many of the world’s leading professional cycling teams, and we needed to know for certain if it was the right spoke for our wheel systems. Performance analysis meant months of real-world testing against the other leading spoke brands, but we soon realised the Sapim CX-Ray had a winning formula, a superior shape, material, and manufacturing process that meant this spoke was outperforming all the other spoke builds we had tested, and had now become our number one choice.

So why is the Sapim CX-Ray so superior?

Sapim was founded in 1918 by Mr. Herman Schoonhoven and most of their spokes are still manufactured in Belgium and they are regarded as world leaders in spoke and nipple innovation.

Most modern spokes come in varying shapes, materials, and finishes and are connected through a J Bend flange or a straight pull configuration. Some spokes due to the nature of their manufacture can perform better under the complex dynamic load and fatigue cycles that are asked of them than others, and the CX-Ray performed the best.

Manufacturing Process

The Sapim CX-Ray is a double-butted aero spoke made from the finest high-tensile 18/8 stainless steel treated with a special alloy and finished with black oxidisation. The double-butted aero construction is stronger, transmitting rotational torque and absorbing road shocks much easier than a non-butted spoke.

Most of the spokes around today are stamped into shape producing a spoke shape that is flat or oblong with square edges. The CX-Ray aero elliptical shape is cold drawn using a unique Sapim Cold Forging Technology that stretches the spoke while retaining the linear molecular structure increasing the strength of the aero middle section by up to 48% with the reduced diameter being more elastic creating a longer life. Due to the spokes not being stamped and going through a specially shaped die creating the elliptical shape, and not a square edge, the spokes are aerodynamically superior against headwinds and crosswinds.

The CX-Ray is not cheap at £3.25 RRP (2023) per spoke and we could have built with spokes at a fraction of the cost, but as we said, we had the vision to create world-leading wheels, and the CX-Ray is a very important part of us realising that vision.

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Team Aeroc

What do we have here? is it a lighter, better looking, easier to maintain 350 hub with improved technology? well the answer is yes, but thankfully, it's a bombproof re-embodiment of this much loved 'so called' entry-level DT Swiss hub.

But what makes the new 350 hubs superior to anything else out there at a similar price point I hear you ask? Well, let’s dig a little deeper and find out why the 350 hub is the first choice ‘go to’ hub for the majority of our Master wheel builders and let’s discover why the cycle industry’s leading experts and reviewers rate the new 350 hubs so highly, oh and of course, why we chose to offer it with our cutting-edge wheel systems, and why we simply love the new 350 so much!

Looking for super-cool looks, reliability, and high performance, with great value thrown into the mix too, well sounds like an unbeatable offer to us, and that’s exactly what you get with the new version of the legendary DT Swiss 350 hub.

The old 350 was always known for its simplicity of design, coupled with a no-nonsense approach to technology; let’s make that a little simpler to understand – well-built body, bigger sealed bearings, and the famous Star ratchet system, with 18 teeth of engagement. A solid, dependable investment but heavier and not as beautiful as the leading 180 Ceramic and 240 EXP hubs, but to be fair to the old 350 hubs, they would spin on and on, day after day hassle-free to the delight of those riders who owned them.

A dilemma for DT Swiss, they wanted to improve a much-loved hub but not lose the simplicity of design and value that appealed to buyers. So, what could they improve on? Well, many riders who have experienced DT Swiss hubs will be pleased to know they have not replaced the innovative twin ratchet system but improved on it with the new hollow ‘SL’ plates upgraded to 36 teeth, same as the 180 and 240 hubs, creating an engagement angle of 10-degrees for faster engagement whilst reducing the weight of the drive mechanism, a plus we say!

The DT Swiss Star Ratchet System – The technology and a reason to choose it.

When we first set out to create our leading-edge wheel systems, we realised our unique buying and build model gave us a great opportunity to learn from our Master wheel builders and their many years of professional wheel building and maintenance experience. We were given a great opportunity to understand what their first-choice wheel components would be, their reasons for choosing, and why they chose some over others, and just as important, why they stay well clear of many brands. The feedback from their real-world experiences meant there was only one serious choice for us when it came to hubs, and that was DT Swiss, and one of the main reasons for this was their ingenious ratchet system.

Most hub manufacturers use the Pawl system to drive the freehub. This means very small metal levers (pawls) pushed out by springs to engage with an outer tooth ring. This system has many problems as the pawls and springs are susceptible to dirt, water, and grit, and normally only 2 or 3 pawls engage creating uneven high-stress points leading to higher maintenance required and a shorter lifespan.

DT Swiss uses a patented Ratchet system consisting of two hardened steel tooth plates simultaneously making solid engagement when pedalling. The driving force creates little to no stress as the force is evenly distributed across the whole of the two plates' faces, with every tooth engaging producing a more reliable power transmission. The hubs also have a sealed design requiring less maintenance, with no ingress of water and grit, and have the best reliability record of any hub in the world.

The new 350 sharing technologies with siblings 240 and 180.

Many wheel brands use cheaper hubs, with outdated pawl and spring systems, smaller low-quality bearings, and inferior shell and axle materials. All of the DT Swiss hubs we use incorporate their ratchet system, with their leading pre-loaded sealed steel, or ceramic bearings, creating durable play-free hubs without the need for bearing play adjustment. The new 350 Road hubs also feature the same easy tool-free swaps from one freehub body to the next as the rest of DT's hubs. That makes swapping two different cassette ranges for the same drivetrain easy without tools, or the same thing when swapping for example from Shimano to SRAM cassettes when moving one wheelset from bike to bike, again without tools.

All versions of the new 350 have a matte black and white finish with a waterslide logo (not stickers) sharing the 240 and 180 high-quality looks with better resistance to chemical cleaners and abrasion.

Yes, thank you for the wait, here's the important bit!

The updated 350 has reengineered hubs and axles with more machining similar to the 240 and 180 leading to a further weight reduction of around 42g. A set (front & rear) of 350 Disc brake straight-pull hubs comes in at 361g, with the 240’s set at 305g and the ultra-light ceramic 180’s set weighing just 280g.

Without a doubt, the new 350 hubs are a massive improvement on what was an already great hub, and this is why we love the new 350 and working with the best manufacturers like DT Swiss. They help us create our world-leading wheel systems, raising the bar on performance, and our unique wheel build, and service experience. You can choose the new 350 hub on all our road, gravel and cyclocross wheels.

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Team Aeroc

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