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Apps Cycle Works 


Simon Apps

Simon Apps started building wheels professionally while working at a BMX shop as main mechanic. Learning the techniques and dark arts of wheel building in the world of BMX for general customers as well as pro BMX riders was a great way to start and really developed a skill for assembling super strong wheels.

Since then, Simon has built hundreds of wheels of all kinds from mountain bikes and vintage bikes to Pro level carbon race bikes and nearly everything in between.   

The thing he likes the most about building wheels is the precision and care needed to do an excellent job.  Nearly anyone can assemble some parts together and call themselves a builder but it takes years of practice, knowledge and some early mistakes to become someone that can be relied upon for a quality wheel build every time.   You also get to own some pretty cool wheel building tools!

Apps Cycle Works also has Adam Dean as our trainee wheel builder who is fast becoming skilled, knowledgeable, reliable and really shows a passion to do an excellent job.


Apps Cycle Works

Apps Cycle Works is an independent highly professional bicycle workshop setup in 2016 by Simon Apps.  After over twenty years working as a cycle mechanic and  manager for various shops in the trade, catering for a wide range of cycling disciplines,  Simon decided that the time was right to go it alone and made the jump to starting a small business.  Initially working from home in St. Albans, Apps Cycle Works very soon needed more space and the move out to Bendish Farm took place in 2018.


Since then the workshop has got busier and busier, but our main focus has remained and will always be on the quality of our work above all else. Good communication is key to happy customers not to mention happy bikes, we always check customers are well informed before we go ahead with any job. We think that satisfied customers that come back time and again as well as recommending us to friends is what makes our business work and we don’t want to just churn through cheap parts and high numbers to make a fast buck!


We offer several bespoke service options as well as high quality custom wheel building and have a large range of parts, accessories, tools and maintenance products available to buy in our shop.

Bendish Farm, 

Bendish Lane,






Locate: Apps Cycle Works

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