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Rat Race Cycles


Pete Owen

As a child, Pete was always intrigued by how things worked, how they were made, and how to hack or improve them. This led him to a degree in Physiology, but his lifelong love of bikes meant he went on to become a skilled bike mechanic and Master wheel builder.

Pete states " I love not just the process of building wheels but also the study of them, researching materials and techniques. They're incredible structures that we easily take for granted; I love continuing to learn as much as I can about how to make the best components and combine them into the best wheels."

Pete started servicing bikes and building wheels from their workshop at Nunhead in 2012 and have built an excellent reputation for bike expertise, skill, and knowledge, as well as the teams` friendly and welcoming attitude. "We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest tech innovations and news in the cycling world, and we're owned and run by experienced and qualified mechanics".


Rat Race Cycles

Rat Race Cycles is a bike workshop in South East London offering bicycle servicing and repairs, parts and accessories, hand-built quality wheels and custom bike builds.

From the start, Rat Race Cycles was built on excellent servicing. They began life as a mobile bike workshop - the name's a play on words because they keep so many daily commuters riding in and out of the City of London. "Those cyclists trust us to keep their bikes reliable and smooth, with minimal maintenance."

At the same time, they look after many riders' treasured high-end race bikes. "They need precision and efficiency to be as fast as they can or to ride for as long as possible. We love keeping on top of the latest tech and building state-of-the-art bikes and wheels."

Rat Race Cycles are motivated by kindness, honesty, and respect. They are a close-knit team and committed to being an inclusive workspace; diversity in their team is key to their success. Nunhead is a lovely area just east of Peckham with the main high street comprising almost entirely of independent shops, so the area has a lot of character, and they are proud to be part of their supportive local community.

118 Evelina Road,

SE15 3HL




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