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Paul & Barney

Paul and Barney are both experienced wheel builders. Paul was taught at a very young age by his father Roy and has been building wheels for more than 50 years. Barney has a mere 10 years' experience, but having been taught by his father Paul, he always does a first-class job.

With today's cutting-edge carbon rims, wheels can be built stiffer, stronger, and lighter, giving so much more performance to the rider. 'The wheel is singularly the most important part of your bike' Paul states ‘You can change any other part, and it will not affect your performance as much as improving your wheels’.

Wheels are the best performance upgrade you can buy for your bike, and both Paul and Barney will be thrilled to build you a set of high-performance Aeroc wheels.


Swinnerton Cycles

Swinnerton's is a fourth-generation family-owned and run Cycle shop established in 1915 by Founder 'Ted Swinnerton' who used to hire out and repair cycles from number 69 Victoria Road.

Money was tight in those days, particularly between the two world wars, and business mainly comprised of second-hand machines with a thriving repair service. 'Roy and Doris Swinnerton' took over in 1954, setting the family's racing standard for the future, and on buying number 71 next door, they doubled the size of the shop. In the following years, they expanded into 67 and 73, making the shop four shops wide.With seven children, life was hectic especially with most of them cycling and competing internationally. The shop eventually expanded into no. 73, giving five shops in all, with a large workshop and separate wheel building room.

The family business is run today by son Paul and son Barney, both with racing experience and are fully trained mechanics, with the large internet site being run by Craig, who has worked in the family shop for 32 years. Roy set new and improved standards for wheel-building at the World Championships and Olympic games, including extra strong 13 gauge tandem wheels, which they still build today. Wheel building excellence was passed onto Roy's sons and now grandsons, and they hand-build everything from radial and Crows foot lacing (1 radial 2 cross) for saving weight, right through to tying and soldering the crosses, making for a stiffer wheel, mostly used on velodrome wheels. Swinnerton Cycles does custom-built bikes for all brands and is Campagnolo, Sram, and Aeroc approved, and is also a Shimano Service Centre. Bike brands available are Merida, Trek, Giant, Basso, Colnago, Surley, Genesis, and Ridgeback.

Swinnerton Cycles are specialists in racing bikes for both on and off-road, as well as velodrome bikes. They supply bikes from your first balance, right across the board to Expedition, Touring, Gravel, Mountain, Hybrid, Electric, and Road bikes. Open 6 days a week, with an active website, where you can book online for Bike Fits and workshop services.

67-75 Victoria Road, Fenton,

Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire,





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